Smoothie Factory Tycoon Script | AUTO FARM & MORE!

Created by Jumble


  • Auto TP to all buttons/doors, Auto press buttons and Auto Upgrade(Takes 90 seconds between each upgrade loop)
  • Update: Made TP to button and Auto Button Press faster, no longer need to claim a plot before executing as now it’ll claim one for you if you haven’t yet,
  • Added Auto Obby(Included in Auto Upgrades loop, sometimes doesn’t give you the multiplier if you have Auto TP on but it wont break anything)Added Auto Rebirth(Its also included in the Auto Upgrades loop, might make a extra button just for it if requested) Also turn off Rebirth Cutscene(Little settings icon on left side of screen) if using Auto Upgrade or it’ll prob break shit.**Added Anti-AFK.


Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything from this page, you’re only here to copy the script!

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