Mining Sim 2 Script | INF DIAMONDS

Created by whybiee


You must have enough money for rebirth and must be on an 1.0.4f server (ver 544)!
You can check 
by turning on dev mode in the game or by going to settings and then to help, then look at the version.

[Image: ?]
[Image: ?]

Creator: unknown
Status: working
get gems, destroy the economy.

there may or may NOT be a chance to be banned, you are tracked in game. You have been warned.

[Image: ?]

1st of all, the script gives you 60k gems(120k with double gems gamepass)
2nd, you need enough money to rebirth!!
3rd, this is not automatic.
4th, your game will freeze and you character will disappear
5th, destroy the economy.

your money for the rebirth will not reset.

for _ = 1, 800 do


Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything from this page, you’re only here to copy the script!

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