Medieval Warfare Script | AUTO FARM & MORE OP FEATURES!

Created by Yax


> Farm Server // Essentially Tps to everyone and killing them (buy a bow for better results)
> Auto pickup sacks // Picks up potion bags/ money bags accross the map
> Autobuy chests // tps to chests and buys them (if you have enuf money)
>Bow hitbox expander // self explanatory
>Infinite jump // self explanatory
>walkspeed // self explanatory
>teleport // teleports to selected player
>player esp // self explanatory (kririts esp)
>infinite stam // self explanatory
>anti fall dmg // self explanatory
>kill aura and bow aura // self explanatory
>spawn at death location // self explanatory
>Crazy character // changes characters settings rapidly

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()


Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything from this page, you’re only here to copy the script!

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