Created by Eazvy


Autofarm, — Farms nearly every minigame in Epic Minigames
Auto-Claim Challenges, — Automatically claims any of the challenges
Anti-Ban — Prevents you from being spectated, within the game basically making your character fully invisible and whenever a moderator joins the game it’ll kick you and serverhop.

Auto-Say Minigame — Whenever a Minigame starts it’ll say it in 
Auto-Say-Winner — Whenever a player wins the minigame, it’ll announce it in the chat.
Auto-Say-Song — Whenever a new songs plays it’ll tell all the players the song-name in the chat,
Auto-Say-Queued Minigames — It’ll announce any of the new queued minigames.
Say All Minigames in Queue — Will tell everyone in the server all the minigames that are currently in queue.
Say All Players Info (Chat) — Will grab as much information on the player as possible and publicly tell every users information in the chat.
Say All Players Devices (Chat) — Will tell all the players devices, in the chat.
Say All Players Deaths (Chat) — Says all the players deaths in the chat.
Say All Players AFK Status (Chat) — Says whether the players are afk or not in the chat.
Export Songs  — Will export every song in the game and set it to your clipboard.
Teleport to Game (Dropdown) — Normal Server, Pro Server, Large Server, Private Server
Stats — (Dropdown)
Minigames Won, Streak, Coins, Month Wins, Last Month Wins,Vip Months Wins, Last Month VIP Wins, Badges, Device, Deaths.
This will allow you to publicly say this information in chat after selecting.

Walkspeed, Jumppower, Fly, Gravity, FOV, Noclip, Infinite Jump, Playing Always, Anti-Lag, Get all Badges / Secret Room

Cannon, Dock, Leaderboard Area, Secret Room, Gear Shop, Title Shop, Pet Shop, Spawn, Slide

Copy Messages (Trolling) — Copies all the players messages in chat and repeats it except for yours.
Lag Server (Trolling) — This will lag the server whenever Accurate Archery begins.
Touch Tools (Trolling) — It will Touch every tool in the game whenever a player uses it such as the bomb, and other tools within the game.


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