Build to Survive the Creepers Script | Upgrade Weapons and Money

Created by Unordinary


  • Upgrade Weapons and Money

Tutorial: How to use This
First, you need money

Secondly, Buy the Weapon

Thirdly, change the part where it says, Sword.Stats.Damage to Other stats this can even be used on the pistols or bows in the game just change the part where it Sword.Stats.Damage to Bow.Stats.Damage or Bow.Stats.FireRate. 

Fourth, Don’t edit anything else other than what I mentioned in ‘Thirdly’

Lastly, Change the number you see on the first line where it says ‘210’ to the number of the next upgrade which is the green number. 
That’s about it. The max stats in the game should be 210.


Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything from this page, you’re only here to copy the script!

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