Boku No Roblox Script | AUTO FARM & MORE!

Created by feminine


  • Auto Farm (Can bug out sometimes and has some problems)
  • Customizable Tween Delay
  • Customizable X and Z Distance
  • Skill Selection (This was done really ugly)
  • Disable Auto Farm TP (Can let you do weird long range attacks with certain classes)
  • Auto Quest (Only Works When Auto Farming)
  • Auto Stats (Able to select which stat to auto put into)
  • Spoof Nametag (Need to respoof on death)
  • Do not put the delay too low, the game will kick you for exploiting.
  • There is no Anti-AFK added unfortunately.
  • Script will crash on some classes (Couldn’t fully test)
  • Must select a NPC before clicking Auto farm or it’ll crash.


Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything from this page, you’re only here to copy the script!

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