Anime Fighting Simulator GUI | BEST GUI by Absolutionism

Created by Absolutionism


  • -Farming-
  • [Select Skill] – Select stat you want to train from list provided;
    [Auto Farm] – Auto train the stat you selected from the dropdown;
    [Bind AutoFarm] – If you don’t want to click it or GUI is closed, click the key that’s binded to it;
  • -Area Respawn-
  • [No Area] – Select Area you want to TP tp, TPs you to the highest training area you can go to in the current dimension;
    [Dropdown] – This is used for Custom Locations that are saved, select a custom location;
    [Use Custom Positions] – When turned on, it will use the Custom Location you have selected, if selected;
    [TP After Respawn] – When turned on, if you are AFK and want to train but get killed, this will TP you back to the Area or if Use Custom Locations is on, will TP you there;
    [TP To Area] – Press this button to TP to the area or custom location+ Use Custom Locations you have selected;
    [Refresh Area Data] – When first joined into the game or TP to dimension, not every single Training Area is loaded in and will not TP you to correct Training Area, fly around the map to load every thing in and click this;
    [Remove Selected Custom Pos] – Will Remove the Custom Location you have selected in the dropdown;
  • -Custom Locations-
  • [Position Name] – Type in a Name you want to set for the location you save; cannot put the same name in multiple times;
    [Save Position] – Saves your Characters position and inserts it into the table using your PositionName, must not be empty;
  • -Settings-
  • [Auto Quests] – Will finish your quests;
    =NOTE= This feature is outdated and will probably be removed;
    [Auto Upgrade Stat] – The stat you have selected to Auto Farm, will be auto upgraded;
    [Pop-Ups] – When using Auto Farm, the Stat Pop-Ups are disabled, but if you like seeing them, turn this on;
  • & SO MUCH MORE !

Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything from this page, you’re only here to copy the script!

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